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It’s been a long time since I came around

It’s been a long time but I’m back in town

But this time I’m not leaving without you

You taste like tick-tack when you kiss me oh

I’d give everything again to be your baby doll

This time I’m not leaving without you

You said: “Sit back down where you belong

In the corner of the bar with your sneakers on.”

I said: “Sit back down on the couch where we

Will make love the first time.”

And you’ll say to me

Something, something about this place

Something, about those lonely nights

Or my lip-gloss on your face

Something, something about my cool science guy

Yeah there’s something about

Baby, you and I

It’s been six years, since we’ve first met

In those years few words have been said

While muscle cars drove a truck right through my heart

On my birthday singing about that heart of gold

With your guitar humming in childhood overload

This time I’m not leaving without you

You said: “Sit back down where you belong

In the corner of the bar with your sneakers on.”

I said: “Sit back down on the couch where we

Made love the first time.”

And you said to me

Something, something about this place

Something, about those lonely nights

Or my lip-gloss on your face

Something, something, about my cool science guy

Yeah something about, baby, you and I

You and I

You, you and I

Baby, I’d rather die

Without you and I

You and I

You, you and I

Jay Mister, I’d rather die

Without you and I

Put your drinks up!

We got a whole lot of money

But we still pay rent

‘Cause you can’t buy a house in heaven

There’s only a few man

Imma serve my whole life

It’s my daddy, Jay Mister and

Darwin, for the theory of evolution

Hutton, for showing us the age of our world

Newton, for universal physics application

Malthus, for seeing that population growth will always outrun food production

Hardin, you discoverd our tragedy of the commons. “The population problem has no technical solution; it requires a fundamental change of mind.” We should reflect more on our technical evolvement, for new solutions should not bring about new problems. Critical reflection is at the base of a healthy progress, and we humans are blessed with a self-reflective mind so let us not ruin our world with foolishness…

Now something, something about the chase

It’s one shy guy

I’m a science girl chasing science boys

And want my lips all over your face

Something, something, about just knowing when it’s right

So put your drinks up!

For science, Jay Mister, oh boy, I love ya!

You and I

You, you and I

Baby, I’d rather die

Without you and I

You and I

You, you and I

Jay Mister

I’d rather die

Without you and I

It’s been a long time since I came around

It’s been a long time but I’m back in town

But this time I’m not leaving without you

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I have friends who admitted that confessing you’re gay is a thing you better don’t do. The ‘otherwise’ part I missed, but as it concerned friends from a very christian village near my hometown, I could only guess it had something to do with ‘not-done’.

For a very long time I wondered why some people are gay and why other are not. I already figured out that gay people are not well accepted in most cultures, because 1) men are supposed to sleep with women and produce offspring 2) gay men are not exactly masculine and 3) people find it repulsive only to think of two men kissing and/or having sex.

Let me start with the third point. Why would you find it repulsive that two other people than yourself have a good time together? You are not forced to look, you are not even forced to think about it. It is only your upbringing that somehow emphasized that men are attracted to women and vice versa.

Then the second point. No, gay men are not masculine, but they can be strong and they look like men. They only, somehow, do not act like a straight man. Gay men usually fulfill the more (very girly) feminine occupations, related to styling, fashion and design… Scientific research concluded that brains of gay men are more suited for working with art, design and other area`s that require creativity and eye for details. Though lots of gay men have an office job or a job in engineering.

The first point, and especially the part about producing offspring, is for me, an environmentalist, the most important one. In nearly all cultures gay people are not accepted for a whole range of reasons, that are based upon prejudices and opinion-based cultural values. I think the existence of gay people serves a very noble goal: it is a natural solution to overpopulation. Imagine that around 5-10% of a population does not breed because it does not feel attracted to individuals of the opposite sex. This would seriously reduce the amount of children and will prevent that the human population will expand excessively.

So, what I wanted to say was that we (all people on this globe) should not hate gay people just because they do not act masculine, or are more sensitive than straight guys, or scream like a girl in stead of roaring like a tough guy. Gay people are very nice to talk to – especially when you’re a girl (like me) and finally find a guy who understands you! – they will not hit on man`s wife, they will not fancy a girl when she is not interested, they do not contribute to overpopulation.

Actually, you could say gay people are totally harmless and do not deserve the hatred that they receive. Of course, there are criminal gay people, but there are also straight criminal people. And I have very rarely heard of gay people beating up straight people (which is also a crime, of course).

In short, confessing you’re gay should not be a torture. In stead, we should welcome gay people who step out of their closet.

NOTE: Click here for a short article about what the Bible says about gay marriage/same sex marriage that inspired me to write this post. I do not contradict the article, because I also do not see why people who can’t have childeren should raise children, but I want to add that what the Bible says is not doubtless true (as the Bible has been written by humans, and before these stories and ‘wisdoms’ have been written down, a lot of oral story telling has probably ruined the original story line (which does not exclude there is some true in Biblical stories) and people of a few centuries ago did not know as much about nature and biological process as we do now) and christians (and also muslims, jews, hindu’s etc.) should stop hating their fellow men because the authors of religious books judged in stead of looked at facts.

NOTE II: Click here for an article by Soulforce, an organization resisting political and religious oppression of gay/lesbian in a relentless, non violent way. Especially pay attention to the interpretation of Biblical texts that provide ways to be none-straight and still be a good, religious person. But above all, consider this:

Most people who are certain they know what the Bible says about homosexuality don’t know where the verses that reference same-sex behavior can be found. They haven’t read them, let alone studied them carefully. They don’t know the original meaning of the words in Hebrew or Greek. And they haven’t tried to understand the historical context in which those words were written.

Very interesting article, a real recommendation!

NOTE III: ‘People who can’t have children should not raise children’ I’ll bring about in a future post about in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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butterflies roaming, yes

with heavy wings they sometimes move

but with nauseous confirmation

I see your eyes don’t rest upon me often

clashing of the broken rules

receiving only undesirable attention

guys that only bother me somehow

and other girls getting the boy they want

shy-driven investment

have you ever thought of me other than “just some girl”?

I don’t want to waste my attention

but you smiled and then made my heart nearly break

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Butterflies roaming?

It startled me, this can’t be true

But the more I let myself think of you

The more I seemed to push you away

Dull regrets, me acting way too rude

Words slipping out too fast

Was it the butterflies disturbing

Or am I just an ill-mannered girl?

I hope you smile to me next time

And make me forget those dull regrets

But perhaps you did not even notice

Me, or me feeling so discourteous

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the blue and grey outside too bright

war and death is all that matters

listen as i call out for some love

but no love around, not here

those nights between the day were safe

your eyes upon my body, check

you want me ’cause you want a girl

funny, smart and not too cheap

tell me your heart is filled with love

’cause i can’t see love in your eyes

hey, tell me it is love I feel

and not suppressed suspicion

there is no love between my legs

neither is there between yours

please, let me fly away from you

do not cut my precious wings

twittering and sunlight soothe

my ever lasting hurting heart

respect my call for Other`s love

see, my heart has closed for you

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Once there was a sweet little girl. Her hair was blond, her eyes were blue as the sea and her smile conquered every man, including her father, who spoiled his angel-like daughter as much as he could. The mother of the girl pushed her daughter to become a kind and educated lady, but by the time the girl reached her adolescence, she rather looked and acted like a ‘bitch’. Nothing was good enough for her: no matter how many clothes her father bought her, she always complained her clothes weren’t fashionable enough; no matter how many times her father permitted her to go to a party from one of her one thousand wanna-be friends, she never kept the promise not to grouse anymore next time her parents had their doubts about giving her permission to go; no matter how many guys she called her ‘boyfriend’, within a couple of weeks she decided her current boyfriend did not meet her high demands and she dumped them one by one like a real icequeen.

After she finished high school, she went to university. Her mother refused to pay the tuition fee, and her father got ill so seriously he could not possibly suffice his daughter’s demand to pay the money. The girl then discovered a way to make money easily: she started to sell her body to the uncountable male students in search for a sweet girl to share their life with and to satisfy their sexual lust, but in stead they found the girl, who was a nice object but nothing more than that.

Four years later the girl graduated, her father died of a hart attack and her mother decided to move back to her hometown, more than 1000 miles from where the university was. The girl finally made a good decision: she started to look for a job. Eventually, she was hired as a sales executive and made good money for living. A few years later she got engaged, but just three days later she cheated on her fiancé with her boss. The two did not know of each other’s existence, but they found out soon enough: her future husband called her names and left her for another woman, and her boss fired her instantly. In all those years the girl, who was a woman now, had had many wanna-be friends, but they were all so busy with their own life that none of them ever cared whether the woman needed a shoulder to cry on. There was none so she began taking drugs and eventually killed herself during one of her ‘trips’. No one wanted to pay for her funeral, so in the end she was cremated.

Once there was a sweet little boy. His hair was black, his eyes were grey like an autumn-sky and his smile conquered every woman, including his single mother, who worked as hard as she could to provide her son with the food, clothes and toys she thought he needed. The father of the boy sometimes showed up in the house the woman and her son lived, and pushed his son to play baseball and practise his fancy-a-woman skills, but by the time the boy reached his adolescence, he preferred playing computer games, while his mum and dad were yelling at each other. He became a very shy boy, and no matter how much his mother tried to force him to go to school more often, and no matter how hard his father shouted he wasn’t acting like a real man, the boy smashed the door of his bedroom in their faces and played another game of virtual war.

After he finished high school, he listened for one time is his life to his mother and went to university. His mum helped to pay the tuition fee, but his father called him a geek and never showed up again in the house were the mother and her son still lived. The boy then discovered a way to become popular: he started to go to all the parties, drink beer and other alcoholic drinks, and fancy his female co-students, encouraged by his male co-students. Things got a little bit out of hand, when he invited two of his female friends to his house, on the same day. They met, and decided the boy was to blame for their unpleasant meeting. Fortunately, the boy’s reputation was only damaged for a little bit, and as these things happen, he soon enough found a sweet girl to share his life with and satisfy his sexual lust.

Four years later the boy had quit his studies and found himself a job, his father got in jail for robbery and his mother had an accident in which she broke her hip. The boy left his employer and stayed a little longer at home to help his mother. His girlfriend moved in and she and his mother seemed to get along very well.  After a few months the boy decided to propose to his girl and they got married. His mother recovered very slowly, but she soon was able to run the house on her own again and then ensured them they could move out and build their own life. So they did. The boy (a man now) got a new job and they lived happily for a few years. The girl (a woman now) gave birth to two children and got herself a part-time job. In all those years, the boy had made good friends among his male co-students, and they saw each other very often. It was just one onfortunate day, on which the man drove his car and was involved in a deadly accident while calling one of his friends. The other car driver had ignored a red traffic-light. Few words were spoken at the funeral; all persons present were either crying or being silent. But countless relatives, friends, old classmates and people from the neigbourhood came to the man’s funeral.

Both characters did not live a perfect life, one perhaps more than the other. But in the end, there is only one question you have to ask yourself: how many people will come to my funeral?

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Daylight faded away as more and more clouds inhabited the sky above. Rain was about to come, but for now the humid air touched her skin like a warm blanket. Someone entered the small garden, bringing back memories of long damp evenings.
‘Hey’, they said simultaneously. They smiled at each other, friendly, and she watched him sit down on the empty chair
‘It’s been a long day, isn’t it?’ he asked, his blue eyes pointed curiously at her.
‘Yes’, she admitted and her narrowed eyes a bit. ‘Tiring as well.’
‘You have been thinking again, haven’t you?’ His hands fumbled with a cord of his sweater, avoiding her gaze.
‘Yes, I have’, she answered and lowered her voice. ‘But not enough, I guess, ’cause I still don’t know what to do.’
He produced a faint little smile, and his eyes twinkled with compassion. ‘Do not doubt yourself. But I like to hear what you’ve been thinking about.’
She nodded slowly and looked at the old, solid trees and the small waves in the pond. ‘It’s difficult – to talk about.’
‘I know’, he said gently. ‘Just give it a try. I will understand.’
Now it was her turn to give him a solacing smile. ‘I know you will.’ A ray of sunlight played on his hair. She pinned her eys on that very spot and started talking: ‘I always thought life would be easy because I’m smart.’
He barely shook his head, but she noticed: ‘Well, sorry, but that’s just how I see it!’
‘O, please, don’t be offended’, he reacted and leaned with his cheek against his fist. ‘You are smart, you really are, and… O, just continue’, and he closed his eyes to catch every word.
‘Sorry’, she whispered. ‘Guess I still feel a bit uneasy about this.’
‘It would be weird if you didn’t.’
‘You’re right.’
While watching the dance of some leaves, she continued: ‘Being smart enough to oversee problems a lot of people face. I thought observing would help me to avoid those problems, just waiting a little longer and see what happens, and then using this information to improve me, my life, my everything. The anthropologist in me. But…’
He shook his head again. ‘Weren’t you attracted a lot of times?’ His eyes were open now, she had to answer.
‘Yes, of course, multiple times, but nearly always unanswered. Don’t think I wasn’t interested. I just was too – introvert, I think.’
‘Hm.’ He tapped with his foot on the floor. ‘Forgetting the past years, you are only focussing on the present, right?’
She opened her mouth for a deep breath, bit her lip and sighed. ‘Yeah, as I told you, it is difficult to talk about. Hard to put – in the right words.’
‘I know, and how badly you may screw up this, I will understand.’
‘I know’, and she smiled again, her eyes reflecting her thinking mind.
His face expressed his brain working hard to help her. ‘You don’t like to be called a possession, right?’
‘Uhm, no, but I think no one does. The thing is, I don’t know whether it is unique or universal. In my case.’
‘That’s one of the things you have been thinking about, haven’t you?’
‘Yes, I think that is one of the man issues I’m bothered with. As to speak, I’m bothering myself with.’
‘It could be personal.’
‘Well, I think it is applied to just this bond.’
‘You feel lucky it is not an official thing, don’t you?’
‘Yes, I do’, and she allowed herself to look him in the eye, those blue, sky-coloured gates to a source of knowledge: pure, natural wisdom she needed. ‘But it never will be an official thing, considering the situation.’
He said nothing. His fingertips shortly touched those of the other hands, then he changed his position and leaned forward.
‘When you tell other people, how do you feel?’
That was a tough one. She took a deep breath, played with her hair, bit her lip again. ‘I avoid people telling it. And when they ask, I can’t lie so I tell them the truth. But it just does not feel right. And that worries me. A lot. Because it should not feel wrong, to tell people, it should be nice, and… Well, I should feel comfortable.’
‘But you don’t.’
‘No, I don’t.’
‘Saying you belong to someone, but you…’ They said it simultaneously, again, and both could not hide their laughs. She became aware of the little white dots in his eyes, and she ended her laugh with a soft smile. He responded with a shook of his head and placed his hands on the elbow-rest.
‘You miss the feeling, don’t you?’ he asked, and tried to hold on to her gaze.
‘Not exactly’, and she looked him in the eye. ‘I wonder why it is missing. But I think the answer is pretty easy.’
‘Then why all this trouble, thinking it over and over again?!’
She sat quietly for a few minutes, thinking again, of his question. Finally she said: ‘In my early teens, I always thought I would find truth love at once, and preferably as soon as possible. But I did not include school, holidays, work, friends and changing feelings in the story. I was naive, as all children are, that once you think you are certain, you always will be.’
‘But it’s different, you’ve found out.’
‘Even more complicated than I ever could imagine.’
His face became neutrally, as always as he was thinking to provide her with a good advice, or maybe even a solution. A light breeze stroked her face and her bouncing heart calmed down a bit.
‘Do you know what strikes me the most?’ she suddenly interrupted his thinking.
He looked at her, waiting for her to continue.
‘It feels like I’m striving for the way my little darlings live their live. In spite of all their misery. And you know what: that story is not even close to perfect. It is just…’ She searched for the right words.

‘Pure’, he helped. ‘Pure and untainted.’

‘Yeah, and I may not have a “mission” like them, I yet seem to prefer a long-lasting, dangerous and difficult friendship – because darlings are so stubborn, you know’, and she gave him a meaningful smile, ‘a friendship that, even after all those years, feels a bit new, exciting, but most important: safe, right and – like home. Do you understand?’

‘Yes, I do, girl, I do’, and his eyes were full of empathy. ‘It is a difficult longing, not impossible, but…’

‘Far from impossible, you first get to know each other and then it naturally grows, and-‘


‘No, let me finish’, she imperatively said and he sank back in his chair, surprised by her sudden fierceness. ‘I think, the longer you develop friendship, the longer the love will last. It’s crucial, though…’

‘Love at first sight is not possible’, he completed her sentence.

‘No, I won’t say that. But I…’

‘You don’t think it will work for you?’ he asked.

‘No, well, no, it should work for me, I try to say: in this situation…’

‘It was probably better to develop friendship first…’ he interfered.

‘Perhaps, but in case it did work without that, it is just and example of love at first sight.’

He shook his head, smiling. It was no denial he showed, he just felt a bit compelled by her efforts to free herself from a burden. A burden she could not lose as easy as a piece of clothing, but a burden she definitely would lose, because it made her unhappy dealing with it.

‘Back were we started’, she said irritated. She sighed and jumped off hear seat.

‘So, and the real problem is…?’ he asked provokingly.

‘I don’t know’, she cried jerkily and ignored his questioning eyes. ‘That’s what I’m trying to figure out!’

‘Was there love?’ he said quietly, forcing her to calm down.

‘I suppose’, she said, shrugging. ‘From time to time I felt really happy, but the feeling always went away – there were different reasons… But sometimes I felt – uncomfortable… More and more uneasy.’ She folded her arms, waiting for his response.

‘And you still don’t know whether it’s unique or universal?’ he asked gently, almost whispering. His eyes wandered to hook up with hers, but she kept looking at the pebbles near the pond.

‘There’s not enough experience to rely on’, she answered quickly and closed her eyes. ‘But I know what I feel, and do not feel.’

‘Was there someone else?’

Another tough question. She started shaking her head, opened her eyes again and found herself caught in his encouraging gaze.

‘Not exactly’, she said, feeling uncomfortable. ‘Not physically, mentally, perhaps… Letting my mind slip, thinking of – fantasies, you know, just mind tripping with all kinds of people, and guys…’

‘You were shocked, weren’t you?’, and she could hear the slight sound of amusement in his voice. ‘And feeling guilty?’

‘Yes’, and she sat down on the low wall besides the acacia bush. ‘Feeling so confused, as if I betrayed the world… I-‘ She produced a little smile. ‘I wasn’t even aware, at first, that my subjects of interest contained a lot of things, except for…’

‘I see’, he said, fumbling his ear. ‘And what about the start? Did you feel alright from the beginning?’

Her eyes met his again, and he read the sense of fuzz: this moment she felt she had to admit to a very important question. A question that could finish her tiring mind-journey…’

‘I’m not sure’, she tried, but felt his eyes see right through her, burning in her inner self.

‘Well, no’, she confessed. ‘No, I did not always feel right. There were times I was scared, frightened, to let him in, but he just kept knocking the door, if you know what I mean. So I-‘ She hesitated, bit her lip, already feeling upset. ‘I started telling things I did not want to tell, in the end provided him with lies to feed his curiosity, his, his… I felt like explaining everything about my complicated life, and he always wanted more and he seemed to understand. But the farther I went, pleasing him, doing things, writing things, the more it felt I had to say things twice, please him, write to him alone… He pushed a lot, and when I finally said no he began sulking like a child.’

Her eyes widened, and she tried to control her breathing. A tear shimmered in the corner of her eye.

‘Don’t cry’, he said softly.

She recovered herself, swallowed. ‘I was trying to say’, she said in a tight voice, ‘I did not feel alright from the beginning.’

He slowly shook his head and sighed. They sat quietly for several minutes.

A small bird twittered in one of the old trees. ‘It is not like you have to proof anything’, he said, braking the silence.

She nodded in agreement, her head down. He left his chair and said: ‘Just make an appointment and await your own reaction, but I think you already made your decision…’

She smiled shortly, avoiding his puzzling eyes. ‘Indifference, that’s the words I’ve been looking for. That’s how I feel, indifferent.’

‘Hm’, he responded. ‘I think it fits.’

She looked up, smiling. ‘Thank you for your help.’

‘You’re welcome, anytime.’

He turned around, walked to the gate tot the garden and when he turned again to say bye, she caught a glimpse of his prudent face, now smiling at her, with his bright blue eyes.

‘Bye’, and she kept waving although he was out of sight.

Next day in the garden. The sun hid behind thick white clouds, the wind was colder than yesterday, but still pleasant.

‘I did it’, she burst. ‘I did it and I feel better now.’

He did not even have time to sit down, she started talking the moment he entered the garden.

He smiled. ‘How did it go?’

‘Better than I thought. No crying. No yelling. No harsh words.’

Her eyes sparkled. She smiled happily. ‘I feel relieved. Free.’ Her hands danced in the air, together with her words, as she always did when she was excited.

‘Good for you’, he responded and folded his arms. He could not deny he felt happy now she was happy. She had made the right decision, definitely.

‘Come, let’s stroll around’, and she jumped off her seat, making crazy movements on music that only played in her head.

He laughed. ‘There will be rain, later in the afternoon.’

‘I don’t care’, and looked at him smiling. ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen? I’ll catch a cold, right? But it is summer, the rain is not like the rain in November… And besides, I’ve been cautious enough the past few days. I can be reckless again, enjoying every minute of my life without feeling held back by that guy…’

‘I can see you’re acting recklessly’, he said, eyebrows together. ‘You have to watch your words.’

She shook her head, disapprovingly. ‘As I said, I don’t care, it’s not like I am hurting him on purpose.’

‘You never could’, he responded with a faint smile.

‘Let’s go then!’. She grasped his hand and pulled him out of the garden, onto the dusty streets, hopefully never returning to this place again.

Love will not always linger longest
With those who hold it in too clenched a fist.

— Alice Duer Miller

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