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sadness is coffee

coffee, drinking, one moment

of hot coffee

and staring at the sparrows in the garden


in the kitchen two mugs wait together

coffee without sugar, black

coffee powder

too much coffee, no

coffee is ready?


drinking coffee, with the chairs

one sip, is coffee, on cup, is coffee

coffee stains, the cold remains


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ik veeg toefjes slagroom van je wangen
jij smeert glazuursel op je lippen
en drukt ze op het tafelblad
‘zie je, mama, kusgebak!’

——zodat we lachen in de camera
——zoals we lachten door het busraam

de mussen zijn jouw eregasten
ik zing met hen ‘lang zal ze leven’
twee 1-kaarsen in de crispies
roze plaksel op mijn lippen
en ik kusgebak je appelwangen

de krantenknipsels op een hoop
als die er nou niet waren
dan danste je met papa polka’s
en gaf oma je haar oorhangers

——als papa thuiskomt ruimt hij op
——de taart, de slingers
——niemand komt

——het is alleen de wind die langskomt
——en jouw foto in de heg smijt

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They dig out piles of sand

Iron scraping brownish quarts

Rhythmically weeping trees

I kiss their crests, one by one

—‘Next year rain will return’

He’s digging pits for sprouts

And sun colouring his tears bright-red

Me whispering him to go home

—‘Come, rain is sleeping far away’

Early first-falling leaves

It’s the whizzing he looks after

Oh, blessed life, I look on

—‘And with the rain I’ll be back’

Between the cities’ eyes, there

Next to a young oak, he waits

Loddon Lilies proudly pointing

I hush their calling with a nod

—‘Sing along when rain comes down’

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Your smile is cute, but you don’t know that

I see you walk, but we don’t talk, we never did

You play guitar, oh so damn good

You can play me boy, on E-string low

A cold response, you paralysed me though

I never noticed you, but now I did

What should I do?

Your smile is cute, oh should I tell you?

You see me walk, averting eyes, that’s all we do

You play guitar, I do piano

Let’s play together, it will be fun

I’m sure there is some other girl

And if there ain’t you must be gay

A guy like you still single can’t be, no

A cold response, you paralysed me though

I never noticed you, but now I did

What should I do?

This empty longing I can’t fight


You play guitar, so can you teach me?

Your smile is cute boy, so Jr. is your name?

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Promises I should not have made

Staying true to my path

Eliminate the poison

Closing down for them

Broken promises now

Witnessed the un-smooth

Lies, bribery, blinking, smiles

Just masks and empty words

I witnessed

Calmness like waving rows of rye

Disappeared! Ruined! Torn!

Playing devil while praying, lust

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the writing stumbles a little

with thoughts rushing by

and days filled with digits

the mind`s distracted

future creeps closer

but no time to think

killing final decisions

aren’t I what I want to be?

already there or not quite yet?

a flow of music background noise

needed to survive

not knowing what is next

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Religion is both strength and weakness for any society;

It provides meaning to life;

And it leads people astray from the actual problems we face:


Environmental degradation;

Corrupt governments;

Hypocrisy among international organization;

I say, abandon religion and try to see;

Earth is a miracle without involving a god who made Her;

I say, abandon the conviction your truth is the one truth;

For science will prove all religions are the same;

And all the people are alike;

So there is no need to spend time on war, discrimination, praying and pretending;

There is only need to acquire knowledge;

To spread this knowledge;

And to use this knowledge to erase the prevailing ignorance;

For ignorance does not only cover what is really going on;

It also prevents people from finally understanding;

We do harm to each other and the Earth we live on;

Despite the Holy manuals cited, studied, talked of and lived by.

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