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De blauwe diepten en het zoute nat

vermengen als oranje gloed

een wakend oogje toeknijpt

Het spel der liefde riekt naar branding

van op en neer, beweging

maakt zachte kuiltjes van ruw zand

Als de zorgvuldig componerende

afgebroken raakt van golven

die het levenswerk bezielen

Van zand- naar luchtkastelen valt, maar

reeds schep en emmer  is ontgroeid

Dan huilt de wind veel zoete tranen

rukt,  slaat en giert symfonisch

tot de horizon weer blikken vangt

En de schaduw van het zandkasteel

opkruipt over blote benen

en kalmpjes aan de branding sust

Poem by Christina Bay

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The problems to be faced are vast and complex, but come down to this:

6,7 billion people are breeding exponentially.

The process of fulfilling their wants and needs is stripping earth

of its biotic capacity to support life;

a climatic burst of consumption by a single species

is overwhelming the skies, earth, waters, and fauna.


(Tyler Miller, G., Living in the envrionment, p 123)

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The Maya`s perhaps did not end their very accurate calender on December 21th 2012 for no reason: you just have to take a look at the world around, read the news papers and listen tot the radio and you’ll notice there’s chaos all over the place. There is a strong economic recession, many people lost or are going to lose their jobs because of that, there are still wars and floods, and there is poverty and pollution. But most of all, there is the swine flu, in those days better known as the ‘Mexican flu’.

Scientists predict the new flu will mutate or fuse with the regular, ‘human’ flu. When autumn prevails, the pandemic could transform into an epidemic phenomenon. And why is that? Well, because we all want to enjoy our holidays in another country, preferably as far away from home as possible. The virus can be transported via the air (according to tests done on animals), and once you are infected with the flu, you are well able to infect all the people you meet until the incubation time has ended and you get ill. All people in your environment going to different places in Europe or even more exotic places like Asia en America, meeting tons of local people and other people from different places, and returning home when possibly infected by the swine flu… I don’t think I have to end this sentence properly.

A few weeks ago I did not know anyone who knew anyone who had the swine flu. Now I do and it feels like the flu is closing in on me. Moreover, I pretty much belong to the group with ‘more risk to get infected by swine flu’. On the other hand, according to the predictions, only 30 % of the people will get ill by infection: this still is more than with the regular flu, but it scares people more because of adjectives like ‘mexican’ and ‘swine’, and all the attention the media gives this ‘new’ disease…

The only thing we should be scared of is the moment the swine flu and the regular flu will fuse. More people will be vulnerable then, because the regular flu makes us sick earlier, but also changes a lot faster than the swine flu. The swine flu causes a much heavier form of the flu we are used to; all together there is a bigger chance the patient dies… (Correct me if I’m wrong: I can’t find my source anymore…)Normal healthy people should not fear the swine flu: they do not fear regular flu either, do they? But people with weakened health, like people suffering from Pfeiffer, have to be more carefull than usual.

For now I’ll enjoy my holidays on the island of Great Brittain and the amazing city of Rome. I won’t consider myself as a target of the new flu, because living with this panic makes me, I think, more a victim of the swine flu than when I actually get infected by this disease…

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