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sadness is coffee

coffee, drinking, one moment

of hot coffee

and staring at the sparrows in the garden


in the kitchen two mugs wait together

coffee without sugar, black

coffee powder

too much coffee, no

coffee is ready?


drinking coffee, with the chairs

one sip, is coffee, on cup, is coffee

coffee stains, the cold remains



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They dig out piles of sand

Iron scraping brownish quarts

Rhythmically weeping trees

I kiss their crests, one by one

—‘Next year rain will return’

He’s digging pits for sprouts

And sun colouring his tears bright-red

Me whispering him to go home

—‘Come, rain is sleeping far away’

Early first-falling leaves

It’s the whizzing he looks after

Oh, blessed life, I look on

—‘And with the rain I’ll be back’

Between the cities’ eyes, there

Next to a young oak, he waits

Loddon Lilies proudly pointing

I hush their calling with a nod

—‘Sing along when rain comes down’

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