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goodnight, drip, drip

sleep tight

blurry rhythm all grey sound

silver highlights smooth as gold

silhouettes of halted life

scattered drops soft splashing words

the rain, tap, tap

sweet dreams

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Cold rain tapping the dry earth
Rain drops splashing up
Small pools disperse and sink
Sun rays touch the sand
All is glistening
And a part of you ascends
Beneath the sand no space no more
You meet the water level
Drops becoming liquid ice
Locked up in your rocky cage
Still obeying physic`s law
Your lofty head up in the air

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lost in streets with stores

those cold raindrops rattling down

on top of a broken umbrella

blend myself in cosy chattering

feeling sick and nearly fainting

by those terrifying words

clutching at my heart, uneasy

gulping down harsh reality

and still holding on to

my last evening in childhood

sailing on the wind


living up in heaven


while dragged between their lifes

the screams fight their way out

your hand on my cheek is fine

but don’t want your hand any nearer

let alone the gentlemen

idle, empty hollowness

blank memory?

fake fear?

hugging my stuffed bunny Bun

’cause there still isn’t someone to blame

ending up with fancy pumps

I like to wear, but afraid to show

me and my remote dreams

waking up with twittering

the world still is, hello sunlight

will you melt my hurting heart

and help me stay alive?

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