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your brown-green freckled face

your blue eyes

your soft, soothing skin

your white hair

everytime I fall

I fall to you

my sweet Lilly

but Lilly died

they burnt Her

and Lilly cried

while they teased Her

you are so magical

your fluids sparkling

you’re so mysterious

all your many colours

I fall in love

in love with you

my sweet Lilly

but Lilly died

they cut Her

and Lilly cried

while they stripped Her

it is them

they take away

without grieving

my sweet Lilly

without you

we can´t live

please understand

our Lilly

She won´t make it

to next spring

but they don’t know

you don’t know

now Lilly died

they killed Her

sweet Lilly death

the people tortured

and they poisoned


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I just killed my boyfriend. He killed himself after I dumped him. Whoops.

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Let’s play

Let’s play the game my way

The cards have been shuffled

We are

playing chaos in my head

And with my rules you always lose

So hold me down

I won’t hurt you

Let me

Break you – and I’ll kill you

Listen – Don’t release me

Give me

One chance – and I’ll take two or ten

You see you can’t have faith in me

I will hold you

Hold me

We are

Gambling and bet on our lifes

But with my rules you lose every time

music & lyrics by Christina Bay

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