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Yesterday morning the wind still whispered through the lime tree. Yeah, yesterday morning heaven was still empty and the world a livable place. Towns became dead alleys, houses became deserted, streets became overpopulated. Criminality celebrated heydays, governments bluntly committed fraud en justice only existed for the rich. Something had to be changed, but recovering all damage was more costly than taking down everything and start all over. The measures had failed. The reorganizations to save anything that was not yet completely broken were insufficient. The Dream Towns had flopped, in every way. How could the people not be satisfied with all possible facilities, equality, sustainability, perfection, a social tax system en preservation of local culture? Because it was no reality: the mirror that was showed to the civilians already was a lie at the time; now its shatters were spread around the globe, between wreckages of a ripped society. A chain reaction had wrenched the world and all taboos like discrimination, refugees, child soldiers and state of war again moved freely across the planet. Back again? Rather back at the surface. – Naftaly Inganor

My essay is about the history from fifty years ago until present. It was a turbulent period with a lot of wars. Then came a man called Lance D. Lansbury who everyone thought of as good. He promised nice things. He was very good at guiding people but he also started lying. Lance D. Lansbury had soldiers that were everywhere and the people got really scared. At school children learned that Lance D. Lansbury was good, but he was not, at all. When he grew older his sun Urion L. Lansbury became leader of the Empire. He called himself Urion Mirror. He was a lot worse than his father en there were lots of bloodbaths. Everything went very wrong when some people revolted against the new leader. The people who want peace call themselves puzzle pieces and then they started to eksecute their plan. A lot of Urion Mirror’s soldiers died. Lance D. Lansbury lost his power but his son still is the boss. The puzzle pieces fight against him to obtain peace. – Amber Minelja

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Outside, she froze to death

The bleak wind blowing hard and cold

The night was grey and black and white

And darkness swirled across the roads

White flakes came down to earth

The temperature far below zero

The water frozen like thick walls

This year noble the winter was

I walked outside between the snow

Growing cold in my coat

Thinking of my frozen heart

That once was filled with love

In a corner I sat down

Snow whirling down on me

Could it be I’d found some peace

Or hurt my bleeding heart too much?

The bells sounded well untainted

Their sound sailing on the wind

Golden tones reached my ear

Me, a lonely and abonded child

Light flowing in my heart

And love held me in his arms

Among the freezing winter cold

The angels tried to warm my soul

As if floating I climbed the stairs

Surrounded by light and love

Just once I looked down to earth

Before I finally left to find


The original poem in Dutch/Het oorspronkelijke gedicht in het Nederlands

Buiten was het bitter koud

een ijzige wind woei kil en hard

De nacht was grijs en zwart en wit

en duisternis kolkte in mijn hart

Witte vlokken daalden neer

de temperatuur ver onder nul

Het water was dik bevroren

de vrieskou verschrikkelijk gul

Ik liep buiten in de kou

te verkleumen in mijn jas

te denken aan mijn kille hart

dat eens vervuld van liefde was.

In een hoekje ging ik zitten

de sneeuw dwarrelde op me neer

Mijn lichaam had eindelijk rust

maar mijn hart deed nog steeds zeer

De klokken luidden zuiver en vol

hun geluid gleed mee op de wind

Gouden klanken bereikten mijn oor

ik, een eenzaam en verlaten kind

Licht vloeide binnen in mijn hart

liefde sloot mijn in zijn armen

Daar, midden in die ijzige kou

probeerden eng’len mij te verwarmen

Zwevend besteeg ik een trap naar boven

en zag licht en liefde om mij heen

Nog één keer wierp ik een blik naar omlaag

voordat ik van deze wereld verdween


Music:  Christina Bay

Lyrics: Christina Bay

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