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When the culmination lingers

I write you off

The words carry you away

To a distant place

Where all the love is happening

I can’t stand falling into this

Moving back and forth

Only to capture every detail

Let imagination rule my scene

The scene roughly framed

Where all the love is happening

The attempt to face my darlings

I failed

With every step a word is spilled

Back and forth, back, back, back!

I always feared

Some day you’ll get out of sight

And all the love is happening no more

You little




Ran away

My Calviron depleted

Sweet darlings gone

Just some gut-feeling told me

You will stay here forever

And long after me

Without me though

Enchanted words remain

The scene roughly framed

This is where all the love is happening

The attempt to face my darlings

In words I’ll keep on failing

But once with every step I take

I’ll walk between enchanted words

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Up to now the choices

So many voices

Troubling my mind

Complicated and maligned…

Restricted possibilities

In love and all else

Losing sight on distinctions

Between the head and heart

It calls for reason

Though it all feels as treason

Betraying my dream

To find the agleam

Will I ever find that one

Career or person

While facing choices

While forced to choose

The tensions detain

The self and restrain

True words and laughter

Now and thereafter

Therefore I fail

To tell this deepest thought

Held back by fear

Of choosing wrong





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