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discussions come and go

and never end

the meaning of life

is an old subject


without sustaining life

holding on to ideals

nobody knows why

but everybody behaves like a sheep

like blindfolded idiots

we travel a common way

and do not doubt

only few doubt

but nobody knows exactly

the answer to all the whys

it is all veiled

a troubled vision

as if we are not supposed to know

the few stand alone

yet their voices do not break

the sheep only eat

but the shepherds try

to collect the common sense

and call out the awareness

doubtless once it ends

when is just one of the whys

we hope and fear

and share useless prayers

does a shepherd need to tell

his sheep the grass is bad?

any fool should behold

the discussion is a waste of time

burn the outdated thoughts

the shepherd needs to tell

his sheep to leave the way

and take another turn

Poem by Christina Bay

*prosaic poetry

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