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Few words you need

You don`t have to prove yourself

I won’t let you pass away

Few words you use

Too complicated, though, don’t fear

I will understand

Few words you fear

Erase those painful memories

I`ll keep the pages blank

Few words you suit

Unfulfilled description

But I won’t forget you

Few words you cry

You wept away my wettest tears

Still have to say one “thank you” now

Few words you feel

Just one heart beat away

But I`ll love you anyway

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That hollow ball inside

Dispersing acid all about

Blend those salty tears, cry

But don’t blink, don’t break

Still divine and so beloved

Though crossed and cut, falling apart

Uneven trade, call to your heart

don’t clutch that love, let go

Eyes perceive the outside world

Swirling about the untouched core

Those flowers, trees and animals

And rays of sunlight easing pain

Cultures flowing, clashing now

Disappear in long time ago past

And finding yourself tightly hold

Your breathing locked within

All that`s temporary will not last

It’s calling for some temperance

The world around so precious

Mocked by war and cruelty

Keep dreaming of that peaceful world

If you feel pain your heart´s still there

Please, my darlings, stay alive

while loving all you see around

Poem by Christina Bay

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