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Please, come in, you’re welcome, friend

Cup of tea? Take a seat. Hey,

how’ve you been? Have some cake

I’ll tell a joke, pretend you’re fine

At this stage of little sense

we sip our drinks, talking crap

Oh, did you cheat again, hèhè

let’s skip my dreadful tale at once

In the drawing room you watched

me smiling, blinking, so amazed

fancy treating, just for you

I’ll later bring it on, the bill

On the couche of chased-down dreams

kiss-kiss my lips boy, gentle, please…

Tea-time is up, now life will start

and all the pretty days are gone

In the land of fantasy

I swing around my magic tools

obeying him, I can’t resist

accepting lies, f-f*ck me quick

Down in hell near fairyland

my devil’s licensed to grow hate

and feed you twisted nightmares while

crums of cake still spur on your tongue

Oh damn good curse, sweet juvenile

ding-ding touching, Somethings’s up?

Yes, are you blind, am I too shy

to play the girl’s ‘n bf’s game?

In my world of childhood games

your joking was all pleasant though

I missed the sense and you seemed just fine

did you notice I was not?

In the world of make believe

I trusted you with fake-like truth

But you know what?! I kicked you out

’cause you ain’t got shit to pay my bill

Poem by ChristinaBay

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