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When the culmination lingers

I write you off

The words carry you away

To a distant place

Where all the love is happening

I can’t stand falling into this

Moving back and forth

Only to capture every detail

Let imagination rule my scene

The scene roughly framed

Where all the love is happening

The attempt to face my darlings

I failed

With every step a word is spilled

Back and forth, back, back, back!

I always feared

Some day you’ll get out of sight

And all the love is happening no more

You little




Ran away

My Calviron depleted

Sweet darlings gone

Just some gut-feeling told me

You will stay here forever

And long after me

Without me though

Enchanted words remain

The scene roughly framed

This is where all the love is happening

The attempt to face my darlings

In words I’ll keep on failing

But once with every step I take

I’ll walk between enchanted words

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from flowers to ashes

in a place without the youth

for dreaming there`s no time to fit

mountain range, blue-grey sky

idle woman`s voice enchanting

between the grey-shaped harsh noise sound

fortunate prediction?

cliff-hanging notched slopes

just raise your head and hit a run

water streams trickling down

hunting down this precious youth

assume you’ve wings and fly away

so darlings, run, fly, flee

but don’t clutch your dreams

’cause dreams won’t last clutched to too tight

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That hollow ball inside

Dispersing acid all about

Blend those salty tears, cry

But don’t blink, don’t break

Still divine and so beloved

Though crossed and cut, falling apart

Uneven trade, call to your heart

don’t clutch that love, let go

Eyes perceive the outside world

Swirling about the untouched core

Those flowers, trees and animals

And rays of sunlight easing pain

Cultures flowing, clashing now

Disappear in long time ago past

And finding yourself tightly hold

Your breathing locked within

All that`s temporary will not last

It’s calling for some temperance

The world around so precious

Mocked by war and cruelty

Keep dreaming of that peaceful world

If you feel pain your heart´s still there

Please, my darlings, stay alive

while loving all you see around

Poem by Christina Bay

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Addicted to profound pain

begging to receive more

the distorted lies mellow

orders become faith

Feed the addiction, run

and ruin this puzzle mess

the sanity flushed away

mercy became extinct

Any soldier an addict

taking lifes just as many

as the soldiers take themselves

Cal becomes their boon

The drug controls inferiors

soothing inconvenience

a ragged piece of utopia

remnants of the lesser hell

O, sing me a drug lullaby

feeding on what I just feel

me seeing thoughts so valueble

floating past the gates of hell

Melt me, Calviron

all paths lead me to you

my little, perfect darlings, o

hell no I´ll ease this pain

Queueing-of-words exercise No 1: use “addict” and “drug”.

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Slowly breathing out of life

and hooking up on distant me

far away calls, yet they touch

as if their lifes play on next door

Lovely screaming in my head

and fighting for the urging dream

some mourning hits me, yet I find

the profound language still present

Briefly haunted between words

and facing roots I cannot cut

you sweet darlings, yet I know

contemporary, it’s no more

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Twentythousand times I read

the same words again, again

attempting to make them real

perfect darlings, living ghosts

Hours I spent sitting while

my mind connected everything

to create a storyline

truthfully, but fake as well

It shouldn’t be derived from

the things that people recognize

all the events, fiction or not

partly symbol, major truth

Twentythousand times I tried

to relive all the sufferings

the happiness, uncertainty

their feelings and my words

Hours I spent sitting and

dived, coverd myself with them

developing empathy

I created, used to live

It won’t be derived from

my words, I just hope you feel

a little bit of my intention

the way my darlings feel

Poem by Christina Bay

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Those little darlings I created

Are not darlings anymore

They never were although I like

To call them mine

Actually they never were

The kind of sweet children

Every parent wants to have

They were my own rebels

My brave warriors and I

I put them through everything

I made them hurt in fighting my war

Against the burden of this life

While defending my innocence

I fell, eventually, and they

They killed on my demand

Just dancers I controlled

With my own words

But dancers is not all they are

They reflected me as truthfully as

A story could reflect my mind

Soon my darlings will be free

To conquer hearts and tell the world

The fears I faced and sometimes still do

My darkest screwed up fantasies

Which are not fake to some extend

Because their hearts, they never lied

My little darlings, you served so well

The truth I never want to lose

Poem by Christina Bay

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